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We understand the importance of recycling

  • A range of containers available for recycling
  • We attempt to recycle 100% of your waste
  • We can collect your recycling or you can deliver to our Licensed Transfer Station.
  • Utilise our Recycling Green Day: competitively priced, environmentally friendly and contracted to suit your requirements!
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We can also recycle the following:

  • Plasterboard
  • Brick
  • Timber
  • Rubble
  • Soil

Export Waste (Waste To Energy)

Any mixed waste passes through a picking line where recyclable material is removed. It is then shredded, trammelled to remove the smaller fractions. It then passes through a second picking line and a magnet. Finally the waste is baled and loaded onto vehicles to be transported. The baled waste is received by a Waste To Energy Plant, the gas that is generated during the incineration process is used to power turbines that generate electricity.

 Lots of recycling

Reasons to use Waste To Energy:

  • Negates the need for landfill
  • No more methane gas
  • Full recycling
  • Landfill is the most polluting problem the world over

All loads move under Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (TFS) - loads can only move under this system if they are to be recycled.

All waste leaving our yard on this system has 100% traceability.

This material is called Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF).

Baco Compak (Norfolk) Ltd are committed to recycling. We are able to recycle most household and commercial waste including, plastics, metal, cardboard & paper. Our total recycling solutions are available as part of a comprehensive waste management service, perfect for the 21st Century.

In these crucial economic & environmental times, it has never been more important to recycle. Protect the environment and minimise pollution

by calling us on
01553 630 247

or send us an email at sales@baco-compak.com